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❀ Height Adjustable: Desk can be adjusted from 54cm to 76cm; chair can be adjusted from 30cm to 44cm, so can be used by children from age 3 to early teens (up to 1.70 metres tall).
❀ A Sloping Desktop suitable for writing can be raised level to perform other tasks. The desktop can be opened up via a hydraulic strut and closed gently.
❀ Ergonomic Design: both the desk and chair are ergonomically designed to help children feel comfortable when doing homework and help maintain good posture.
❀ Quality Tubular Steel Frame is very sturdy and long lasting.
❀ All Rounded Desk and Chair Corners to ensure safety for children.
❀ A Steel Bookstand provides the best reading angle and distance from the eyes. A Colour-coded Cup-Holder can be used for holding a water bottle or pencils, to add more fun when using ChaCha Desk.

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This desk is our regular ChaCha desk. It is only the packaging which is different, as it is stock originally intended for the Japanese market, and so it is written in Japanese. We are selling these desks in Europe due to high volume sales here, and so have diverted this stock from Japan.

  • English Assembly Manual is packed with Your Invoice, enclosed in a clear courier pouch attached to the carton;
  • For Height Adjustment Sticker, numbers on the left relate to the child’s height; numbers on the right relate to the desk/chair height.

❀ ChaCha Pink Desk is an ideal present for girls.  It includes: Desk + Chair + Steel Bookstand Cup Holder

Desktop: MDF (MDF is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres)
Desk and Chair Frame: Tubular Steel
Chair Top and Chair Back and some parts of the Desk: Plastic (ABS, EVA)

Desk Height from 54cm to 76cm
Chair Height from 30cm to 44cm
Desktop: L70.50cm x W54.50cm
Chair Top: L36cm x W34cm

Please Note: Illustrations below include a lamp, but this product does NOT include a lamp.

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Weight 19.90 kg
Dimensions 75 x 60 x 29 cm
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