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Mini Blue Desk

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❀ Height Adjustable: Desk can be adjusted from 54cm to 76cm; chair can be adjusted from 32cm to 44cm, so can be used by children from around age 3 to pre-teens (approx. 1.70 metres tall)
❀ Ergonomically Designed to promote good posture and vision. Children will enjoy doing their homework and school projects on their Best Desk
❀ Tiltable Desktop can be tilted at any angle between 0-40 degrees for reading, writing and painting
❀ A Pull-out Tray underneath the desktop for storing stationery and books. Desk and Chair Corners are All Rounded to ensure safety
❀ A brown Timmy Tiger Seat Pad adds more fun to Mini Blue desk

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Mini Blue Desk set includes: Desk + Chair + Cup Holder + Bag Hook + Brown Timmy Tiger Seat Pad

* MDF (MDF is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres)
* Tubular Steel
* ABS and PP Plastic

Desk and Chair Dimensions:
* Desk Height 54-76cm
* Chair Height 32-44cm
* Desktop: L66.40cm x W47.40cm
* Chair Seat: L36.50cm x W34.50cm
* Pull-out Tray: 49cm x 20.50cm

N.W. 15.20kg; G.W. 17.10kg

Colour Available:
❀ Grey
❀ Blue
❀ Pink

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Weight 17.10 kg

MDF (MDF is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres), Tubular Steel, ABS, PP Plastic

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