Sprite Green Desk

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  1. Height adjustable to suit children from age 3 to early teens (children up to 1.7 metres tall). Desk height is from 52cm to 76cm, chair height is from 33cm to 45cm. The desktop dimension is L76.50cm x W55cm
  2. The desktop can be tilted at different angles between 0 and 50 degrees for children to read, write and paint. It is made of MDF coated with environmentally friendly material melamine, so can be painted on by children using water colour paint, then wipe clean
  3. The storage is a pull-out tray for storing stationery and other little things, great fun for children to keep things neatly
  4. The desk frame is made of quality steel, sturdy and stylish, to ensure many years of use. The net weight of the desk set is 23kg
  5. The desk set includes Desk + Chair + Bookstand + LED Lamp. The LED lamp with three different light settings and modes is included


2019 September New Stock. Bookstand is a new style. The height adjustment is a handle-winding mechanism. Product images to be updated soon.

1. TILTING LARGE DESKTOP: Sprite Desk has a large desktop: L76.50cm x W55.50cm, offering children an extensive working area.

  • It is made of top quality MDF board, with a thickness of 21.45mm (vs. the desktop thickness of low end desks around 18mm to 19mm).
  • The desktop can be tilted at different angles between 0 and 50 degrees for children to read, write and paint.
  • It is made of MDF coated with melamine, so can be painted on by children using water colour paint, then wiped clean (Water Colour Paint ONLY), which is really fun for young budding artists.


  • The tubular steel frame is 70.26mm thick, the thickest frame among all similar products on the market, sturdy and long lasting.
  • The chair seat is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE), very robust. We have never received any feedback regarding this type of chair being cracked during normal use. Sprite chair has a unique design with front facing supporting bar, which adds stability and comfort for children.
  • Both desk and chair have a U shape connecting bar offers the best stability. With a foot rest, the desk is very comfortable.

3. BEAR THEME ACCESSORIES: Sprite desk set has a bear theme LED Lamp and bookstand.

  • The LED Lamp has a digital display, showing date, time and room temperature. The mains powered lamp also features an alarm with child friendly tunes, to make getting up for school more fun.
  • The bear theme bookstand is practical for children to hold their books or tablets when reading and writing.


  • MDF (white surface coated with melamine): Desktop
  • EVA Plastic (for soft touch): Desktop edges
  • ABS Plastic (hard wearing): Chair Seat and Chair Back
  • Tubular Steel: Desk Frame and Chair Frame


  • Desk: L 76.50cm x W 55cm x H 52cm – 76cm
  • Chair: L 38cm x L 36cm x H 33cm – 45cm


  • Net Weight: 19.50kg
  • Gross Weight: 22kg

How to Adjust the Height:

  • To raise the desk or chair: Gently pull up the desk or chair to the right height notch by notch.
  • To lower the desk or chair: Gently pull up to the highest level, then push down to the bottom level. From here, lift up notch by notch.



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Sprite Green Desk
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Additional information

Weight 19.50 kg
Dimensions 82 × 64 × 27 cm

1. Desktop: MDF coated with Melamine (MDF is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres)
2. Desk and Chair Frame: Tubular Steel
3. Chair Top and Chair Back and some parts of the Desk: Plastic (HDPE)

LED Lamp

Power: 5W
Output: DC5V; 2.1A
Colour Temperature: 5000K
Working Temperature: -20 to 60 degrees

Materials: ABS+Silicone+LED

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