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Sprite Pink Desk

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  1. Height adjustable to suit children from age 3 to early teens (children up to 1.7 metres tall). Desk height is from 52cm to 76cm, chair height is from 30cm to 42cm. The desktop dimesion is L70cm x W55cm
  2. The desktop can be tilted at different angles between 0 and 30 degrees for children to read, write and paint. It is made of MDF coated with environmentally friendly material melamine, so can be painted on by children using water colour paint, then wipe clean
  3. The storage is a pull-out tray for storing stationery and other little things, great fun for children to keep things neatly
  4. The desk frame is made of quality steel, sturdy and stylish, to ensure many years of use. The net weight of the desk set is 21.30kg
  5. The desk set includes Desk + Chair + Steel Bookstand + LED Lamp + Pink Tiger Seat Pad. The LED lamp with three different light settings and modes is included

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Sprite Desk Set includes: Desk + Chair + LED Lamp + Steel Bookstand + Seat Pad


  • Large Desktop: Our 2017 Christmas Version of Sprite has the largest desktop we have ever sold: 80cm x 55cm, offering children an extensive working area
  • Height Adjustable:  Sprite Desks are suitable for children from age 3 to early teens (for children up to 1.70 metres tall); Desk height can be adjusted from 52 cm – 76 cm; Chair height can be adjusted from 30 cm – 42 cm
  • Tilting Desktop: The desktop can be tilted at any angles between 0-30 degrees for children to read, write and paint. Children will enjoy using their Sprite desks
  • Desktop can be painted on: To add more fun, children may draw on the desktop using water colour paint, then wipe clean (water colour paint only). The desktop is white colour, made of MDF coated with melamine, easy to clean
  • Pull-out Storage Tray: A pull-out tray underneath the desktop for storing books and stationery
  • Frame material: Solid tubular steel
  • Promotes good posture and vision
  • An LED Lamp has three settings to providing the most suitable lighting for children


  • MDF (white surface coated with melamine): Desktop
  • EVA Plastic (for soft touch): Desktop edges
  • ABS Plastic (hard wearing): Chair Seat and Chair Back
  • Tubular Steel: Desk Frame and Chair Frame


  • Desk: L 80cm x W 55cm x H 52cm – 76cm
  • Chair: L 38.50cm x L 36cm x H 30cm – 42cm

Net Weight:

  • 23.50kg

Gross Weight:

  • 25.00kg

How to Adjust the Height:

  • Loosen the colour coded knob
  • Pull up or push down the desk or chair to the right height
  • Tighten the knob

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Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 64 x 32 x 86 cm

1. Desktop: MDF coated with Melamine (MDF is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres)
2. Desk and Chair Frame: Tubular Steel
3. Chair Top and Chair Back and some parts of the Desk: Plastic (ABS, EVA)

LED Lamp

Power: 5W
Output: DC5V; 2.1A
Colour Temperature: 5000K
Working Temperature: -20 to 60 degrees

Materials: ABS+Silicone+LED

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