New Models, New Start

Following the success of our bear themed Sprite, launched in late 2018, we are proud to announce our exciting new 2019 Mini. In order to provide a solid and sturdy desk and chair that will give more durability and longer use, we chose a broader frame and a U-shape supporting bar for both desk and chair.

In the case of the chair the bar is now at the front, with legs at a 45-degree angle to create better support. Sprite has a horizontal bar across the desk frame to give support due to its large size, but as it pivots this can be used as a footrest to reduce tiredness in the legs.

Mini, because it is a smaller desk does not have this footrest, but support comes from the U-shape bar. Height is adjusted using a simple ratchet system by pulling up and lowering the desk and chair, locking in at each height, which is further supported by colour coded locking screws as an extra precaution to prevent slipping.

Both Sprite and Mini have a spacious pull out drawer underneath the desktop, with individual compartments to store books, pens, pencils and all sorts of stationery items. The desktop tilts towards the user and can be locked in place at different angles depending on what your little one is doing. There is also on each side of the desktop handy slots to keep pens, crayons and pencils in whilst working on a project.

Sprite comes with an extended area to store a cup, bookstand and a multi-functional LED lamp.

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