Christmas Gift Ideas

Best Desk – It’s not just for Christmas!

Christmas is fast approaching, and we are always looking for a great gift for our kids. A Best Desk set can be perfect, but do you know it’s not just for Christmas! With our telescopic leg system, both desk and chair can extend adjusting to your child’s height in sync. meaning it will last way beyond the festive season.

This is not just good economic sense, as the set will last for some years to come; it also means the height of both desk and chair is good for your child’s health and posture. Arms and elbows are in the correct position on the desk and there is no need to reach up, as you might if using a kitchen table, for example. Eyes too are at the right level focusing on the bookstand, if your model has one, or for reading using the tilting desktop.  With feet firmly and the ground and not dangling, the spine can be correct reducing any risk of curvature at an early age.

With great prices on all our desks, it’s a win win!


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