Best Desk Announcement

1st April 2017 Announcement

After extensive consultation with customers, Best Desk announced that as of today, 1st April 2017, all our desks will be re-branded and renamed.

Our desks used to be called Mini, Midi, Maxi, Imp, Elf, Minuet and Sprite. Some were named after little woodland fairies. Our hope was that children would enjoy the company of their fairy desk and chair friends and do magic together.

We are a dog-loving nation and many children like to play with puppies. Research shows that playing with animals improves motion and auditory skills. So, we decided to re-brand our desks using canine names.

  • Sprite will be called Rottie to demonstrate its sturdy, loyal and calm features
  • Mini will be called Puggie, to show its sweet, compact and joyful features


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