Why Best Desk? – Quality Children furniture

We too had been looking for quality kid’s furniture as we were fed up with buying a new table every time our daughter grew. But all that was available were fixed desks that would need replacing time after time, or expensive adjustable desks that didn’t look attractive to a young child.

The desk and chair set we wanted needed to be reasonably priced, but at the same time a quality build and designed to last a school career. To make things more interesting it would have to be “smart” and have many uses, so wouldn’t be used just for writing, but for reading, drawing and painting too.

We decided then to do it ourselves and Best Desk was born; a multi-functional desk and chair set which could be adjusted to match the child and use fun, vibrant colours that children would love.

And it’s not just us who think Best Desk children’s desk and chair sets are great.

This is what some of our customers have been saying and why they chose Best Desk:

“the desk is a great idea”,
“we’ve been looking for something like this for ages”,
“I love your desks”,
“what appealed to me first was that they last so long”
“great business!” 

We received a text from a wonderful young lady in Liverpool on 16 November 2013:

“We’re really impressed, it’s just what our 6-year-old wants.  Everything about it is fantastic, I would highly recommend Best Desk. My little boy is going to be delighted with this.”

Our Amazon Customers’ Feedback

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