Children need to relieve boredom

 How to relieve boredom?

Children, like adults, need stimulus to relieve boredom. Whether it is by playing sport, reading, watching TV or being creative, they need to do something.  At Best Desk we hope to give them the tools to at least achieve this in part.

Being able to adjust the height of a desk and chair, means a child can keep their feet firmly on the ground.  This helps to prevent reaching and slouching, as the desktop should be in the right place for arms and hands. There is also space for elbows, so arms are not stretched. And by not curling legs up this can also help with blood flow.

When reading a book the reader needs to be at the correct distance to avoid tired eyes. A desk with a stand, to rest books on, maintains the correct reading distance. This also leaves hands free for writing, which helps if the child is copying from the book.  With a tilting desk, you can achieve the correct writing angle, which can help with handwriting skills.

Our desktops are non-reflective, so if using a LED lamp this can help to keep eyes focused, thereby reducing strain.  Best Desk lamps have a number of modes and light intensities to create the right environment.

With a large storage tray, this allows a child to keep all their reading and writing materials to hand. With this your child can have variety of tasks.  A desk tilted at different angles means you can be sure that each task is carried out in the best way.  A large surface area can also accommodate a laptop and mouse, giving even more flexibility.

 Best Desk is the solution

Now your child can sit with the correct posture, read at the right distance and write at the ideal angle for good handwriting. And even use a laptop comfortably.  Not forgetting drawing and painting, seated or standing.

Best Desk = Relieve boredom

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