Children Desk Chair Accessories – Bookstand

We have two types of bookstands (book holders), 360 Degree Rotatable and Fixed Bookstand


  • 360 Degree Rotatable Bookstand can be attached to Maxi, and rotates through 360 degrees
  • Both 360 Degree and Fixed Bookstsand are tiltable for different reading angles and best reading distance
  • Colour coded to match the colour of the desk


  • Tubular steel: clamp and support bar
  • Steel: bookstand

360 Degree Rotatable is an adjustable bookstand specially designed for Maxi.  This stylish bookstand rotates through 360 degrees, and will give your child the best position for reading.  Your child doesn’t need to bend down his or her neck when reading a book, and will promote good vision and posture.  It is an excellent and practical addition to your children desk and chair set.

Installation Tips: There is a large quantity of damping grease inside the shaft.  The damping grease is a type of quality lubricant, widely used in precision engineering for near silent motion control.  Applied here, the bookstand will rotate silently and will not cause wear and tear and corrosion.  But this lubricant can be sticky, so when unwrapping the bracket, be careful not to get the grease on your hands.

Bookstand-English instruction Bookstand-LOGO-400x300

LED lamp and bookstand are great accessories to Maxi desk

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