How Height Adjustable Desks Can Help Disabled Children Lead Independent Lives

Why is a height adjustable desk or table with a tilting top important?

For all children a height adjustable desk gives more flexibility and allows for different tasks to be completed as well as giving years of use.  For disabled children with poor control of the head and body, using a table without an angled top can be extremely difficult.  Furthermore, children in wheelchairs often find it difficult to position themselves close enough to the desk top as armrests may prevent the chair from getting under the table top.  Being able to adjust the height of the table allows it to be raised over the armrests.  This can mean that the working height is compromised, so a desk with a cut-out such as the Midi may be more appropriate to allow a specialist chair or wheelchair to get close enough.  The width between the supporting legs is 54cm.

Sitting or standing?

Height adjustable desks allow children to stand and work as well as sit, however it is important to make sure the height of the work surface is correct for the child.

Need help or advice?

Important factors to take into account regarding height adjustment of your child’s desk or table:

      • Can I change the table height to match my child’s growth?
      • Will more than one child use it?
      • Is it stable and does it allow for good positioning of the arms?
      • Can it be used sitting or standing?
      • Will the table/desk fit over armrests if used with a special chair or wheelchair?
      • Are there cut outs which can support forearms and allow for better hand use?
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