Maxi Bobby is a blue desk chair set. Its desktop can be lifted up to store kids stuff. The blue colour is loved by boys and even some girls, too

Best Desk Story – Height Adjustable Kids Desk

We are Best Desk, an online retailer of children’s furniture. We provide quality height adjustable kids desk and chair sets, flexible and versatile kids storage cubes, Cube It All, and many accessories to brighten kid’s rooms.

Like all parents we want to provide fun and healthy ways to encourage our children to enjoy learning. Children soon outgrow clothes and shoes, and replacing these is a familiar routine for parents. But how about replacing equipment that your children use, such as their desks and chairs? What we thought was needed was something which could be adjusted to match the child’s growth; a kids adjustable desk.

This was the starting point. We then considered posture and reading angles which would help provide healthy growth and prevent damage to eyesight.

Research shows that how we look at a task requires adjustments to be made to the body’s posture. We discovered that being able to raise the height of a desk and chair, and tilt towards the eyes to create the correct focus and distance angles, provides the best solution for healthy posture and vision.

The result of our search is a desk and chair set which can be adjusted as a child grows. Added to this, the desktop can be tilted providing varying degrees of adjustment to suit what the child is doing at the time; for example reading, writing or painting.

Our ethos is to give children the ability to choose how they learn and in a way that will allow both body and mind to grow healthily. Best Desk is the fun and colourful learning station where children can have their own space to learn and play.

March 2014 we exhibited for the first time at the Education Show, showcasing our Mini, Midi, Imp and Maxi desk and chair sets in the three standard colours, blue, green and pink. Our ergonomic height adjustable desk and chair sets were well received by visitors from schools and the public alike.

Many commented on the flexibility of tiltable desks and the various activities children could enjoy. The quality of manufacture and the sturdiness of the frames were highlighted, as well as the bright, vibrant colours. Many visitors to our stand stated that the desks were unique, and they had not found similar children’s furniture elsewhere that could adjust to match the child’s height in such a fashion.

It was so encouraging to receive such positive comments from people in the education sector and a good experience for us. All the feedback was positive and will help us as we continue our journey.

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