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Junior Rooms is featuring Best Desk on its site.  Junior Rooms is a great online source of information for children’s rooms, furniture and decorating ideas.  The site will help you with all kinds of ideas for craft rooms, bedrooms and indoor and outdoor play.  Many different providers of children’s furniture are featured allowing you to make an informed decision, whether it is based on price, quality or availability.  And it’s always good to see what your peers think of you.  Junior Rooms does this nicely giving potential customers an excellent comparison tool.

Best Desk is featured under Kid’s Ergonomic Desks, which has correctly pointed out that “as a parent of a school age child you’ll be all too aware of the amount of time our kids are spending sat at a desk in front of a computer or doing homework – and you’ll also appreciate that bad posture can lead to problems in later life. You can help your kids develop good posture though by having desks and chairs which are height adjustable”.  A Best Desk study desk and chair set is designed to give good posture and promote a healthy study environment.

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