Accessorize your Best Desk!

Today, fashion gurus are constantly showing us ways to make our purchases look unique. One way to do this is to accessorize; add an accessory like a hat or a bag to go with your outfit.

With Best Desk you can do this too by adding a bookstand, an LED lamp or one of our cute animal character seat pads.

Our Midi range comes with a free adjustable steel bookstand in white, with two magnets coloured to match your choice of desk and bearing the letters B and K (the first and last letters of Best Desk). You can add a colour matching LED lamp which fits neatly onto the desktop.  But why not choose a different colour to give an even more unique appearance.

With our Maxi desk, as well as an LED lamp, you can opt for a colour matching bookstand, which tilts and rotates 360 degrees. Having a bookstand at eye level also improves reading angles, and can be used to place text or reference books whilst your child writes on the desktop.

For our new Imp desk, a fixed bookstand can be placed in the slot or a 360 degree stand can be used.  With the Elf, as an extra design clue, the hidden stand pops up from underneath.  Our popular LED lamps can be used with both new desks.

With all our desk and chair sets why not set it off with one of our cute animal character seat pads. In plush velveteen, these soft and smooth seat pads give added comfort and extra warmth.

LED lamp and bookstand are great accessories to Maxi desk

Maxi with and without LED lamp and bookstand

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