Top Tips to Encourage Children to do Homework

It can be difficult getting children motivated after a long day studying, so here are some helpful top tips to encourage children to do homework after school!

Children who have been at school all day need time to let off steam once they are home.  A healthy body will create a healthy mind!

And it’s hard to think when you’re a bit peckish. A snack and a short rest before tackling homework will aid concentration. You must also keep them hydrated – the brain works better and needs nothing more than water. No fizzy drinks required!

Choose a work space for homework. Your child’s Best Desk is ideal, giving him or her all the space they need. Many children like to be where others are, so try to get out of the habit of having the TV and music on. Make sure the area they are working in is well lit (your Best Desk LED lamp is ideal for this) with plenty of space for books, either on the desktop or using the optional bookstand. Check that the desk and chair are the right height so that the child’s elbows can comfortably rest on the table top, and adjust the angle of the desktop as needed.

It’s important to have the right equipment and to teach your child to be organised. Keep stationery, pens, pencils, rulers, etc in a designated place and ensure they are put away when finished. Best Desk provides the ideal solution for this.

  • Put a timer on the table and agree on making the most of that time.
  • 15 minutes is long enough for little ones.
  • A 30 minute period should be the maximum for older children with a 3-5 minute break.
  • Children like being praised. Encourage your child and know what motivates them.
  • Be ready for your children wanting to use technology to support their learning. Help guide them through, they probably know more about it than you already!
  • Read with your child, even after they have started primary school. Their skills are still developing and spending time to read out loud with them will encourage good habits and confidence.
  • Make sure that once finished, homework is put straight in their school bag, ready to be handed in the next day!
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