The Traditional School Desk

Remember your old school desk?  A lifting lid with loads of space to put all your things in?  Best Desk has re-imagined the traditional school desk with fun colours and a cool design.  And what’s more you won’t outgrow it for many years.  Minuet from Best Desk is height adjustable so it grows as you grow.  Simply raise the desk and chair to match the height of the child to the right level.  An easy to read guide on the chair and desk legs helps you find the correct setting.  The desk top is set at an angle of 6.9°, the correct angle for writing, so perfect for all that homework, and lifts to reveal a large storage compartment.  A hydraulic strut helps to keep the lid in place and lower down smoothly.  The desk top is larger than the edges of the compartment, so prevents fingers from getting trapped too.  With a retro look wood grain design in MDF set in brightly coloured edging, Minuet will appeal to everyone.  This also helps deflect glare.  There is a slot to fit our optional LED lamp that can be bought as an accessory. A FREE bookstand is provided to add more fun for children to read and write.


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