Spring flowers

Spring is here!

Spring has arrived at Best Desk! Now Spring is here, it’s time to have a bit of a clean-up. With Spring comes renewal and brings a great opportunity to throw out old stuff and have a good sort out. Think about all those things which your kids have outgrown or no longer use; clothes, toys, […]

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Term Time Holidays

Are term time holidays really that bad? As Easter approaches, we raise again the question of expensive travel in school holidays as opposed to in term time. According to the BBC, in Wales alone term time absences have risen by 10.5% in 2016 compared to 1.3% in 2011-12.  Most schools are able to authorize up […]

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Best Desk Announcement

1st April 2017 Announcement After extensive consultation with customers, Best Desk announced that as of today, 1st April 2017, all our desks will be re-branded and renamed. Our desks used to be called Mini, Midi, Maxi, Imp, Elf, Minuet and Sprite. Some were named after little woodland fairies. Our hope was that children would enjoy […]

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best-desk-latest-design-sprite desk-for-growing-kids

Sprite Desk

Latest Ergonomic Design Sprite Desk Our latest Sprite desk is the strongest and sturdiest yet. Retaining the large pull out drawer that has proved so popular with children and parents, the new Sprite has a new very new look. Based on our best selling Minuet range, the frame for the desk and chair base has two […]

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ergonomic-kids-table-chair-study-desk-height-adjustable-Mini Desk-2017

Mini Desk

Compact and Stylish Kids Desk Mini Desk Welcome to our third generation of Mini desk. The no-frills look is stylish and bright, and as Mini is available in blue, pink and metal grey, it will appeal to all children.  The desk is light, but sturdy and doesn’t take up much space. Designed for younger children […]

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