Shooting Star CHASE is your local children’s hospice charity caring for over 600 families living in western London, Surrey and West Sussex.

Movember Fundraising for Shooting Star CHASE

Doug is growing a moustache for Movember. Yes, it’s official. Best Desk’s Doug Scott is raising money for Shooting Star Children’s Hospice by growing a super mo. Starting on 1st November there are five simple rules: 1. Start with a clean shaven face, 2. For the whole month of November you must grow and groom […]

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Kids Posture and Eyesight

Choosing a good desk and chair is important to protect kids posture and eyesight. An expert in the field of visual ergonomics, Dr Jeffery Anshel, found that we alter the way we sit to accommodate any deficiency in the way we see something. So in certain work-related situations when vision is compromised, posture must be […]

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Mini Desk

Mini is the original kids ergonomic desk chair set from Best Desk. Its clean practical lines and fun colours make it the perfect match for your child. Being adaptable to your child’s height means it can be used right through his or her school career. The Mini is great value with the potential for many […]

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Midi Desk

Midi is a beautiful kids study desk chair set. Its modern look with inlaid MDF and wider desktop gives your child all the space they need to work, play and create. Because it is height adjustable, it can last for many years. Like the Mini, the Midi tiltable desktop can provide the perfect angle for […]

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